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Unlocking the Emerald State’s Real Estate Market 2023

Key Trends and Bold Predictions for Washington’s Real Estate Market

If you’ve ever wondered about the ebb and flow of real estate in the evergreen Washington State, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Consistently capturing attention, it has been one of the most active arenas for housing transactions nationwide over the past few years. But, as is the nature of any drama, there’s been a plot twist. The global pandemic played its part, striking an unexpected chord and stirring a change in the melody. The result? A market in metamorphosis, with home prices and sales volumes striking a somewhat discordant note.

With home prices declining by 7.1% compared to the previous year and the number of homes sold plummeting by a staggering 31.9%, one might wonder if this is a curtain call for Washington’s real estate star. 

With rising mortgage rates and evolving market dynamics, we’re here to illuminate the path for you. This blog post is your compass, guiding you towards understanding the affordability of homes.

As we sail through the vast ocean of Washington’s real estate market, it’s essential to keep our compass pointed toward the latest market trends. Only by understanding the current market cycle, key influencing factors, and the impact of external events like COVID-19 can we chart a course to successful investing and homeownership.

Current Market Cycle in Washington Real Estate Market

In the wild dance of real estate, the rhythm sways between buyers and sellers, forming a marketplace ballet. The Washington stage, at present, seems to be favoring neither the buyer nor the seller exclusively. Despite the recent drop in home prices, properties continue to sell close to their asking price – a tantalizing tug-of-war between those looking to buy and those hoping to sell. 

As of March 2023, the supply of homes for sale in Washington had shrunk, while newly listed homes had plunged significantly. On the other hand, the demand remains high, with a large percentage of homes selling close to their list price. 

The Washington housing market doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a ship tossed by waves of economic growth, job prospects, and shifting population trends. In the case of cities like Seattle, where home prices are expected to dip, the impact of these factors is evident. Contrastingly, areas like Spokane and Yakima anticipate a rise in home prices, showcasing the variability of the market under the influence of these external forces. 

A Closer Look: From Seattle to Spokane

Data from Zillow paints a detailed picture of what to expect across various cities in the state. Seattle, the emerald city, might see home prices decline marginally by March 2024. Meanwhile, Spokane, the heart of the Inland Northwest, is predicted to buck the trend with a 3.4% increase in home prices.

The Mortgage Factor

The steady rise in mortgage interest rates across the United States is another twist in our tale. As the cost of securing a mortgage increases, demand for real estate could potentially ebb, leading to a potential dip in home prices. 


In the face of COVID-19  aftermaths and fluctuating mortgage rates, the Washington housing market is undergoing a significant transformation. With home values declining in some areas and rising in others, the market landscape is continuously evolving. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s critical to stay informed and adjust your sails according to the prevailing market winds. 

While the future may seem as unpredictable as the sea, with the right compass – in this case, accurate and timely information – you can navigate the choppy waters of the Washington real estate market with confidence. 

Top 5 Best Places to Live in Washington

Undoubtedly, Washington State, with its lush landscapes and economic dynamism, has become a highly desirable destination for living. When selecting the best places to dwell in this vibrant state, our team put on their investigator hats. We looked into factors like home prices, quality of life, safety, education, and job opportunities. And voila, we’ve unearthed some extraordinary places that outshine the rest.

Bellevue: A Stone’s Throw from Seattle

Average home price: $1.09 million

Just a short drive from Seattle, Bellevue is an irresistible suburb. Separated from Seattle by the shimmering Lake Washington, Bellevue offers mesmerizing mountain views, pristine city parks, and a thriving economy. There’s always a treat to your taste buds with a diverse food scene. And the cultural arts scene? Simply splendid, with attractions like the Bellevue Arts Museum and the KidsQuest Children’s Museum.

Olympia: A Capital City with a Small-Town Vibe

Average home price: $395,000

Olympia, Washington’s capital, is a charming city with a lot going on. Not only does it have government activities, but it also boasts a vibrant restaurant scene, the distinguished Evergreen College, and the astounding Olympic National Park. Olympia is a haven for families, with engaging places like Heritage Park Fountain and the Hands-on Children’s Museum.

Spokane: Where City Life Meets Natural Beauty

Average home price: $320,000

Located on the eastern edge of Washington, Spokane Valley is a hidden treasure. Spokane’s lively downtown area, flourishing food and wine scene, and the stunning riverfront park make it an appealing place to settle down. The city also houses the 1909 Looff carousel and the expo center from the 1974 World’s Fair.

Bellingham: A Hidden Treasure

Average home price: $487,000

Bellingham is a treasured town that its residents wish to keep under wraps. Nestled in Whatcom County, this town offers an abundance of outdoor activities and a vibrant cultural and food scene. From Whatcom Falls Park to Bloedel Park on Lake Whatcom, nature lovers will find plenty to explore.

Redmond: Tech Town with a Natural Twist

Average home price: $950,000

A little north of Bellevue lies Redmond, home to tech giants like Microsoft and Nintendo America. But it’s not just about technology here. Redmond is also renowned for its spectacular outdoor opportunities, with places like Idylwood Beach Park and the Farrel-McWhirter Loop Trail.

Best Places to Live in Washington for Retirees: Top 5 Retiree-Friendly Cities in Washington 

Who wouldn’t be eager to retire in a state that’s a perfect blend of vibrant urban life, tranquil natural beauty, and a favorable tax environment? Washington State, with its dynamic cities, sublime landscapes, and tax-friendly policies, makes it a retirees’ paradise. Let’s explore how we picked the top places for retirees, along with the key attributes of each, to make the decision-making process a piece of cake for you.

Our Criteria for the Best Places

Choosing the best places to retire in Washington was no small task. We considered several critical factors, including affordability, crime rates, medical facilities, and recreational opportunities, to ensure a wholesome retirement life. Affordability was gauged by assessing the tax burden and median home values. We also considered the presence of medical centers and recreation centers to ensure a healthy and enjoyable retirement. 

1. Hoquiam: A Haven for Nature Lovers

   – Population over 65: 23.2%

   – Median Home Value: $135,900

   – Violent Crimes/1,000 People: 1.53

   – Property Crimes/1,000 People: 31.64

   – Hospitals within One Mile: 98

Hoquiam, nestled in the serene Grays Harbor County, is perfect for retirees who yearn for the best of both worlds: the tranquility of nature and a vibrant community life. With scenic hiking trails, fascinating museums, and cozy breweries, Hoquiam promises a fulfilling retired life without the hefty Seattle price tag.

2. Union Gap: The Historic Frontier Town

   – Population over 65: 10.3%

   – Median Home Value: $140,200

   – Violent Crimes/1,000 People: 2.43

   – Property Crimes/1,000 People: 94.12

   – Hospitals within One Mile: 160

Union Gap, a charming frontier town in Yakima County, is perfect for retirees who love history and outdoor activities. The town boasts a plethora of parks, museums, and wineries, ensuring a diverse and engaging retirement experience.

3. Sunnyside: The Small Town with Big Charms

   – Population over 65: 9.4%

   – Median Home Value: $152,900

   – Violent Crimes/1,000 People: 1.43

   – Property Crimes/1,000 People: 32.07

   – Hospitals within One Mile: 160

Sunnyside, with its cozy and friendly vibe, is perfect for retirees who crave a small-town feel. From exploring local history to wine tasting, this town has something for every retiree.

4. Grandview: The Close-Knit Community

   – Population over 65: 7%

   – Median Home Value: $155,400

   – Violent Crimes/1,000 People: 0.90

   – Property Crimes/1,000 People: 18.25

   – Hospitals within One Mile: 160

If you’re looking for a retirement destination that feels like an extended family, Grandview is the place for you. Known for its wineries and quality produce, Grandview ensures a healthy and vibrant lifestyle in retirement.

5. Clarkston: The Nature Lover’s Paradise

   – Population over 65: 13.9%

   – Median Home Value: $157,300

   – Violent Crimes/1,000 People: 2.29

   – Property Crimes/1,000 People: 46

Clarkston is a delightful gem that’s perfect for retirees seeking a tranquil yet engaging place to call home. Over 13% of Clarkston’s population is over 65, reflecting a welcoming community for those enjoying their golden years.


Washington remains a fascinating landscape for investors, homeowners, and those seeking to call this vibrant state home. Understanding the market dynamics, mortgage implications, and regional variations is key to making informed decisions. 

Whether you’re a prospective buyer, a seller, or a retiree, staying updated with current market trends is essential. With the right compass of accurate information, you can chart a successful path in the ever-evolving landscape of Washington’s real estate market.


Q: How has COVID-19 impacted the Washington real estate market?

A: The pandemic has significantly affected the market, leading to a 7.1% decrease in home prices and a 31.9% drop in the number of homes sold. The market, however, remains active, with properties selling close to their asking prices.

Q: Is the current Washington real estate market favoring buyers or sellers?

A: The market presently doesn’t favor either party. While home prices have dropped, properties are still selling near their asking price, indicating a balanced tug-of-war between buyers and sellers.

Q: How are mortgage rates impacting the Washington housing market?

A: Rising mortgage rates may potentially reduce demand for real estate, which could lead to a dip in home prices. However, the exact impact varies across different regions in the state.

Q: What are the best places to live in Washington State?

A: Cities like Bellevue, Olympia, Spokane, Bellingham, and Redmond are some of the best places to live in Washington, considering factors such as home prices, quality of life, safety, education, and job opportunities.

Q: What are the best places in Washington for retirees?

A: Hoquiam, Union Gap, Sunnyside, Grandview, and Clarkston are some of the top retiree-friendly cities in Washington, chosen based on affordability, crime rates, medical facilities, and recreational opportunities.











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